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Big Daddy believes honesty told with a humorous flare is the best policy, and what goes around always comes around.

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Hey Saints fans, my name is Les Leonard, but everybody calls me Big Daddy, and I hope you will to. Big Daddy has followed the Saints closely going back to the days of Tulane Stadium. For years I've imagined having a radio show, answering tough fan questions they demand to know. Since the airways were never filled with my rants concerning the Saints, writing the Saints Beat blog allows me to fulfill my dream.


Golf, Saints games in section 645, watching sports at the Kingpin bar

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Plays golf, recognizes bullsh**t, tells funny stories, writes pretty well

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Big Daddy's Saintsgiving posted on 12/05/2010
Go Over 45.5

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Big Daddy Feels Great About Three Straight posted on 11/25/2010

     Coach Sean Payton Drew Brees seemed to find more offensive rhythm during the bye week, even though Reggie Bush was a late scratch. Big Daddy saw nothing but smiles out of his co-workers at the rock pile Monday morning singing the praises of Drew Brees’ 4 touchdown passes, while gloating over the Saints third consecutive time surpassing the 30 point barrier. After three convincing wins in row, National sportscasters continue to express their firm belief that the Falcons will win the NFC South, keeping the Black ’n’ Gold effectively flying under the radar as the calendar approaches December. Does that sit well with the Who Dat Nation? Big Daddy loves being the underdog, let the Dirty Birds enjoy limelight. Come December 27 Falcons fans high expectations crash due to broken wings inflicted by the Saints. In this edition of the

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Big Daddy Gets Some R & R posted on 11/24/2010

     Monday morning water cooler chatter at the rock pile was rather subdued compared previous weeks due to the Saints having a much needed week off in this year’s unpredictable NFL season. Co-workers most frequently asked questions were: What did you do in lieu of Saints football? Can the Saints “Repeat Dat?” Are you ready for a second half run? Big Daddy informed colleagues that he lightened his hectic schedule by teeing it up, and dropping a line in water in an effort to properly prepare his body and mind to produce the unimaginable intensity levels Big Daddy must create to help the Saints overtake Atlanta moving toward January’s NFL playoffs and Super Bowl XLV. Two convincing wins prior to the open date afforded Big Daddy and his posse way more wiggle room to let their hair down while the Black ’n’ Gold’s injured players continue to heal. Facing four tough road contests in a five week span after hosting Seattle this coming Sunday will require all hands on deck to come out of that stretch unscathed. In this edition of the

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Big Daddy Cranks Up James Taylor posted on 11/23/2010

     Big Daddy can’t Carolina off his mind, can you? The Saints pummeled the Panthers so hard Sunday afternoon, Bank of America Stadium looked more like a church service instead of a football game. Carolina’s ineptness gives disgruntled fans in Western New York hope, because John Fox’s squad has wrestled the stigma of being the NFL’s worst team from Buffalo. Coach Sean Payton showed mercy on the lowly bunch by running up the score on the under-skilled bunch. Kansas City Head Coach Todd Haley must have appreciated the gesture, noticing how he reacted when Denver coach Josh McDaniels hung 49 points on the Chiefs. Is there a better way to enter the bye week than rolling into it with a 30-point blowout win? Big Daddy doesn’t think so, unless Remy Ayodele and the defense decide to party too hard during the break. In this edition of the

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Big Daddy’s Section 645 Halloween Party posted on 11/07/2010

     How many Pittsburgh fans did you encounter this weekend? no matter Big Daddy where went, Steeler fans were representing, believing they could gather in the Big Easy for a Halloween extravaganza courtesy of the Saints. wasn’t it great to see all that money pumped into the Crescent City’s economy? The tricks handed out by the Saints on Sunday night gave Steel City visitors memories they’ll never forget. Witnessing their physically imposing heroes get manhandled turned “Terrible Towel” waving around the Superdome into a tool to hide the tears of complete humiliation. Big Daddy’s boss was so happy Monday morning, he bought lunch for the entire office, an occurrence that happens less often than British Petroleum officials adhering to safety measures. In this edition of the

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