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11 December 2008

s right- the Saints were guaranteed a trip to the 2009 Super Bowl today as 3 inches of snow fell on New Orleans. For only the SECOND time since 1989, New Orleans took on snow on a bizzare Thursday, December 11th. Select schools and businesses closed througout a city which is home to NO snowmobiles or drivers who know how to handle snow on the roads. Many joyfully speculated that the occasion was rare enough that the Saints must be on their way to good fortune.

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16 November 2008

New Orleans won't impress anyone by beating the Chiefs, but they'd have certainly been embarrassed if they hadn't. While Kansas City looks like it has finally found a decent QB, any team that expects to go the postseason should handle up on KC. Pierre Thomas had what may be a breakout game with 88 yards rushing, 56 receiving and a rushing touchdown. Since Deuce ain't getting any younger and still has a steroid suspension looming, we'll need someone to pick up the slack even after Reggie Bush returns.

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20 October 2008

rolling as well Who bounce back of a crushing lose to the lowly Kansas City Chiefs, took apart the New Orleans Saints 30 -7 and Held Drew Bress to under 300 yards for the first time in eight g

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12 October 2008

And of all the questions he could have asked me -  about the meaning of life, why we're here, or did I really kiss (name deleted) in high school, he wanted to know if the Saints were going to lose to the Oakland Raiders.

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23 September 2008

It would be a serious case of I Told You So Syndrome to mention I didn't support trading for Shockey to begin with. But I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't mention it, so I told you so Saints. His injury problems aside, his being a cancer in the locker room aside, Shockey has put together one decent statistical season in this league.

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21 September 2008

But if they hadn't spotted the Broncos a 21-3 lead New Orleans could have pulled this out. Yeah, and if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass on the ground. I know.

But as far as positive

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14 September 2008

Stop me if you've heard this one - The Saints offense does everything it needs to do but the team loses on a late defensive collapse. There is not much that hurts worse than seeing eternal WR disappointment Santana Moss streak past your secondary into the endzone.

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Now, the news that Marques Colston is out for 4-6 weeks hits New Orleans fans where it really hurts. Colston had grabbed more passes than any receiver in history through his first two seasons. The third-year is often when wide receivers have their breakout years. That can't be the case for Colston now, at least statistically.

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7 September 2008

The offense looked great and even more importantly the defense held up. They did that even without star corner Mike McKenzie, who got scratched Sunday. Saints fans have to be pleased opening the year with a win over the defending division champions.

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13 July 2008

motional as it might have been for Saints fans to see a longtime productive receiver go, looks like New Orleans was dead on in its assessment of what Horn had left.

The Cowboys also ar

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7 July 2008

of the most promising young superstars in the game and is slated to earn $445,000 this year.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune expects a deal to get done and I agree. Attempts to fill the Saint

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5 July 2008

Image details: Monte Carlo Television Festival 2008 Day 5 served by

Not that there's probably ever a downside to being seen in public with the lovely and talented Kim Kardashian, but my favorite guilty pleasure show TMZ caught a funny moment with the couple the other night. Reggie went to pay the valet but didn't have any cash on him. So, of course, he pulls some cash out of Kim's purse.

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In contrast, New Orleans' Will Smith looks to be getting away with a little somethin-somethin due to a cleaner image.

Bayou Buzz columnist Ed Staton notes that the defensive end has been hit

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2 July 2008

The New Orleans Saints added two former members of the Arena League's New Orleans Voodoo Tuesday, signing center Rob Hunt and guard Isaiah Ross. Hunt has bounced around the NFL quite a bit. He is a former fifth-round draft pick of the Indianapolis Colts. From there he spent the 2005 and 2006 seasons on the Denver Broncos practice squad and in the 2007 preseason was a Kansas City Chief. He played two seasons in the now defunct NFL Europe for the Berlin and Rhein franchises.

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