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Brian Allen is an award-winning journalist with experience in nearly every form of major media. His work has appeared in Undefeated Magazine and on Fox Sports Network’s Best Damn Sports Show Period. His regular columns include Drinkin’ The Retcon Punch at b5media’s SFUniverse and The Reset Button at Gameworld Network.

Allen has more than a decade of print journalism experience. A native of Minden, La. Allen is married to the former Latisha Coleman and has two young sons, Jordan Xavier and Braden Christopher Allen. The family lives in Cedar Hill, TX.

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Saints Dodge The Tyler Thigpen Bullet posted on 11/16/2008

This is the kind of game the Saints often find a way to lose. The Chefs' offense has been improving and they had Larry Johnson back from his - um, off-the-field issues. Drew Brees was spectacular as always but the true star of this game was the defense. They stuffed the Chiefs on two crucial goal line stands, sacked the mobile Thigpen four times and came through when they had to.

New Orleans won't impress anyone by beating the Chiefs, but they'd have certainly been embarrassed if they hadn't. While Kansas City looks like it has finally found a decent QB, any team that expects to go the postseason should handle up on KC. Pierre Thomas had what may be a breakout game with 88 yards rushing, 56 receiving and a rushing touchdown. Since Deuce ain't getting any younger and still has a steroid suspension looming, we'll need someone to pick up the slack even after Reggie Bush returns.

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The Brooks Bollinger Era Should Begin In a Few Minutes.. posted on 11/02/2008
Thus ending Brad Johnson's NFL career. Both would be the correct move and this team's season is hanging in the balance. No sooner than Cowboy fans could rejoice over a great one-handed Roy Williams grab, they had to gnash teeth over another Johnson interception. That one was one tackle away from a Pick Six. Maybe Wade Phillips and Brad Johnson could be put together as a package for the Raiders.

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Pacman Strikes Again posted on 10/12/2008

OK, who had Week 6 in the Pacman Jones blowup office pool? How big of an idiot are you when you're down to your last chance to play football and you get into a fight with one of the guys the team pays to make sure you don't get into fights? This is beyond stupid. This is Gus Frerotte jamming his head into a wall stupid. This is Ricky Williams last 2-3 years of behavior stupid. But more than anything, it's Pacman Jones stupid.

This scenario is so ridiculous if it were written for classic HBO sports-com 1st and 10 you wouldn't believe it. The only thing less shocking than Pacman getting into trouble again is that the Dallas Cowboys' "internal investigation" determined Pacman won't be disciplined by the team. In related news, an internal investigation by AIG said none of their executives will be disciplined by the team either.

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My Brother-In-Law Called Me From His Hospital Bed.. posted on 10/12/2008

And of all the questions he could have asked me -  about the meaning of life, why we're here, or did I really kiss (name deleted) in high school, he wanted to know if the Saints were going to lose to the Oakland Raiders.

God, I wish I knew. If there's anything we've learned about the Saints it's that they can beat any team in the league and also lose to any team in the league. A Saints fan doesn't get to have the confidence and faith that say - the New York Giants have in their team. We don't even get to have the overconfidence that Dallas Cowboys fans have. Unfortunately, a loss to the train wreck that is the Oakland Raiders  (at the Superdome no less) is a realistic possibility.

God knows that's not what I want to see happen. But after losing to the Minnesota Vikings after statistically dominating said Vikings, pretty much nothing this Saints team does surprises me very much.

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Shockey Out for Possibly Six Weeks! Shoot This Horse Already posted on 09/23/2008

It would be a serious case of I Told You So Syndrome to mention I didn't support trading for Shockey to begin with. But I wouldn't be a good blogger if I didn't mention it, so I told you so Saints. His injury problems aside, his being a cancer in the locker room aside, Shockey has put together one decent statistical season in this league.

Out for between 3-6 weeks for a sports hernia, it's safe to say he won't be a top tier tight end this year either. I move to another easy but necessary writing ploy. Voodoo references and the Saints are about as new and refreshing as the sketches at the Emmys Sunday night. But seeing the injuries this team is piling up, someone sticking pins into voodoo dolls is as plausible an explanation as any.

Marques Colston, one of the best receivers in the game, is out after thumb surgery. The Saints' already suspect defense has been victimized by injuries to Mike McKenzie and Randall Gay, who left Sunday's game. Leading receiver David Patten left Sunday's game with a strained groin and left tackle Jammal Brown injured his groin as well. If Patten can't return for Sunday, the Saints starters at wideout are Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem and Lance Moore. The only secondary in the league that should be scared by that trio is the secondary it practices against every week.

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